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Alain Torres
VP Sales & Marketing | Summit Aerospace
Avionica has been in Miami for over
30 years, and we are thrilled to see
innovative aviation in our community!
Claudia Espinosa
Vice President, Commercial
PBEXPO takes a deeper dive into the
digitization of the supply chain, which
is not only extremely valuable to our
business, but the future success of our
industry as a whole.
Joshua Abshire
Senior Manager Technical
Purchasing, Warranty, and Repairs
In order to be a part of the
future, you have to be here to
talk about it.
Sean Gallagan
Since PBEXPO has doubled in size, it
gives us the additional insights and
advantages by accessing a larger
customer-base from Central and South
America - in addition to helping us
to expand our supply chain.
Kelvin Boyette
President and CEO